Professor Cesar Villanoy

Marine Science Institute

University of the Philippines

Cesar Villanoy holds a PhD in Physical Oceanography from the University of Sydney and is currently a professor at the Marine Science Institute of the University of the Philippines (UP-MSI). His research interests include characterizing the circulation- in embayments, between islands, or within straits- typical in archipelagos using a combination of methods that involve direct and/or remote observation, and modeling. Such information is important in understanding how coral reefs and other coastal habitats are linked to each other in relation to transport of larvae and exchange of materials (e.g. pollutants, sediments). This aspect is particularly relevant to the ecosystem services and valuation mapping of CCRES Component 1.

Cesar is a member of the Philippine Association of Marine Science and the American Geophysical Union. He has served as the deputy director for research of the institute. He has sat as a member of the board of directors and as president of the Marine Environment and Resources Foundation (MERF), the non-government, non-profit organization that facilitates the non-government research endeavours of the institute. He was recently given the UP Scientific Productivity Award as Scientist II and the UPD Centennial Faculty Grant Award. He actively serves as a mentor/resource speaker for institute-lead mentoring programs and capacity-building workshops. Apart from his peer-reviewed publications, he has also recently contributed to a guide book on vulnerability assessment tools for coastal ecosystems.