Prof Matt Sanders

The University of QLD, Australia

Matthew Sanders is a Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Parenting and Family Support Centre at the University of Queensland. He is also a consulting Professor at The University of Manchester, a visiting Professor at the University of South Carolina, and holds adjunct Professorships at Glasgow Caledonian University and The University of Auckland. As the founder of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program, Professor Sanders is considered a world leader in the development, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of population based approaches to parenting and family interventions. Professor Sanders is recognised as the global leader in the field of evidence-based parenting intervention and one of The University of Queensland’s Innovation champions. Professor Sanders’ Triple P system is currently in use across 25 countries, has over 61,000 practitioners trained to deliver it, and some 7 million families are estimated to have benefited from Triple P. In his role Professor Sanders also directs the Triple P Innovation Precinct, the ground-breaking research initiative which aims to apply behavioural change strategies (Triple P) to major global issues, such as bomb fishing, in order to enhance the livelihoods of families and communities in developing countries. He is working with Component 3 of the CCRES project on aspects of behaviour change.