Ms Miledel (Mags) Quibilan

Philippines Country Coordinator

University of the Philippines

Mags is the Project Coordinator for CCRES activities in the Philippines.  She has a background in both the research and management fields and has worked on a number of development and research projects.  Mags specializes in grants management (i.e. facilitation, review and evaluation), project proposal development, workshop/meeting facilitation, liaising and project coordination, organizing marine scientific research expeditions, technical editing, capacity building and networking.

Mags is currently undertaking her PhD and her research expertise covers areas including: 

Basic research:  Coral community structure and recruitment dynamics; coral reef community responses to global climate change; biology and ecology of corals; reef benthos-fish relationships, modelling 

Applied Research: Marine Protected Areas (MPA) and network establishment and management, marine biodiversity conservation, Coastal Climate Change Adaptation and Vulnerability Assessments (VAs), Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM); environmental impact studies; environmental education and training


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