Ms Melanie King

Project Director, CCRES

Chief Operating Officer, Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science

The University of Queensland

For the past 14 years Melanie has been working in senior management positions across a range of organisations specializing in research, education and international development covering topical areas including food security and livelihoods; marine and coastal resources; sustainable agriculture; natural resource management; the interaction between communities and environment, and; capacity building and stakeholder engagement.  During this time she has been a proactive member of multidisciplinary and collaborative teams working in Australia, Cook Islands, the Maldives, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Zanzibar and across the broader Pacific region.  

Melanie has been responsible for the management of numerous research and project teams including the oversight of a large number of researchers and consultants in their activities, all of which deal with multifaceted complex terrestrial, coastal and marine issues.  Further to this she has experience in working with multiple stakeholders in various cultural settings including government, business, research institutions, and community groups, to achieve practical solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing us and to achieve practical knowledge transfer into usable on-ground outcomes.