Ms Irma Rose (Maius) Marcelo

Executive Director

El Nido Foundation

Ms Irma Rose (“Maius”) Marcelo is Executive Director of the El Nido Foundation. The Foundation, which Maius joined in 1998, is the site coordinator for the CCRES project’s pilot site at El Nido in northern Palawan. Their vision is improvement in the quality of life for the people of El Nido, while at the same time preserving the area’s natural resource base.  A partner in CCRES, the Foundation’s role is to work with the Country Coordinator (University of the Philippines’ Marine Science Institute) to ensure the project achieves its goals at the pilot site. They will represent CCRES locally, facilitate project activities, and support information exchange between CCRES, its local partners and other stakeholders.  Communication and engagement, as well as local logistical support, are fundamental to their role.