Ms Haryunani (“Yuni”) Kumoloraras

Indonesian Country Coordinator

Ibu Haryunani (“Yuni”) Kumoloraras has a spirit for learning. Our Jakarta-based Indonesian Country Coordinator - an advisor to the World Bank Indonesia and a specialist in community micro-finance, project leadership and group facilitation – craves knowledge. Yuni brings that yearning to CCRES, following stints at COREMAP II and COREMAP CTI, working on Community Development and Access to Micro Finance, with the Directorate General of Coastal and Small Islands at the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, and the Environment Unit at the World Bank Indonesia. 

On CCRES, Yuni says: “I’m excited about joining CCRES because it gives me the chance to work with the best professors from several international universities and to learn about global best-practice.