Mr Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim

After completing a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural and Resources Economics at Bogor Agricultural University, Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim has gone on to do extensive research in the area of human ecology. Over the eight years of experience in his field, Abdurrahim’s research has focused on population and environment, population and disaster, social resilience, social-ecological systems, natural resource management, and political ecology. His involvement in the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program – Coral Triangle Initiative (COREMAP-CTI) saw him cover Selayar Distrct and North Nias District.  Abdurrahim has directed his energy towards the study of coastal, reef, mangrove, and seagrass ecosystems as well as research into climate change mitigation and adaptation. He continues his long involvement with the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), as a Human Ecology Studies Coordinator at the Research Centre for Population. 

For CCRES, Abdurrahim is currently working on a project to develop a toolkit for adaptive coastal governance and management which is part of Component 3.