Mr Adrian Ross

Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA)

The Executive Director of the PEMSEA Resource Facility, Mr. Stephen Adrian Ross is an environmental policy and technical advisor with a longstanding record of capacity development in sustainable coastal development over the past 20 years in the East Asian region. Rich in experience in partnership building with national and local governments, UN organizations, IFIs, NGOs, the private sector and universities in East Asian region, he was a key contributor to the development and adoption of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia or SDS-SEA by 14 countries in East Asia and one of the founding members of PEMSEA as a regional organization with its own international legal personality. He is editor-in-chief of Tropical Coasts, a PEMSEA journal on sustainable coastal development, as well as author, advisor and editor of numerous case studies, policy briefs and technical reports on integrated coastal management (ICM) development and implementation, and the principal coordinator for the EAS Congress, a triennial event organized by PEMSEA for partners, collaborators and stakeholders to share knowledge and monitor the progress of SDS-SEA implementation. A Canadian national, he is an engineer by training and has been with PEMSEA for 20 years as a senior programme officer and chief technical officer before being appointed the Executive Director in January 2014.

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