Professor Ed Gomez

Philippines Senior Advisor

University of the Philippines - Marine Science Institute

Marine Science Institute
University of the Philippines

Dr. Gomez is an emeritus professor at the University of the Philippines, and is an Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland.  Dr Gomez was the inaugural director of the Marine Science Institute at UP from 1975 to 2000.  He is internationally renowned in the area of coral reef research and specializes in Coral Reef Ecology and Restoration, Conservation of Marine Resources, Reproduction of Marine Invertebrates and Culture of Giant Clams and has published extensively.    

Dr Gomez served as the Coordinator of the Southeast Asia Center of Excellence under the GEF/WB Coral Reef Targeted Research Program, where he also served as the Co-Chair of the Restoration and Remediation Working Group. He is has been involved in a number of regional projects and initiatives, particularly the CTI where he is assisting the CT6 countries to prepare their State of the Coral Triangle country reports.

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