Dr Sue McAvoy

The University of Queensland

Dr Sue McAvoy (Vollert) is currently a post-doctoral research fellow with the University of Queensland Business School. Sue is working on a World Bank project called CCRES (Capturing Coral Reefs and Related Ecosystems) which aims to demonstrate how coastal communities in the developing world can sustainably capture the benefits of marine ecosystem services in a way that contributes to local economies without undermining the eco-systems long-term health and economic value. Sue is engaged on the business development component which has a focus on new business concepts which minimise or eliminate conflicts between business activity and ecosystem services and the business tools which inform them. Prior to this, Sue spent 25 years in the red meat processing industry beginning as Group Treasurer in 1984 to steer Australia's major meat processing companies through an industry rationalisation and in later years moved on to assume the role of Risk Manager for JBS Australia’s treasury operations. In earlier years, Sue spent two years as second in charge of the Queensland Government Treasury Department (under the stewardship of Sir Leo Hielscher) with responsibility for the day to day management of Queensland's foreign currency exposures. Sue has a Bachelor’s degree in economics, an honours degree in econometrics, an executive UQBS MBA in international business, certificates in the WPI and TU Delft system’s modelling summer schools and PhD completed through the University of Queensland Business School. Sue is a Director of her consultancy Advanced Systems Modelling specialising in systems thinking and simulation. She is Deputy Chair of the St Joseph’s Nudgee College School Board and Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee. Sue is married and has five children.