Dr Russell Richards

Ecological & Environmental Modeller

The University of Queensland

Dr Russell Richards is an ecological/environmental modeller who specialises in the application of a range of modelling methodologies to researching coastal marine systems. Russell has a Bachelor Degree in Environmental Engineering (Hons) from Griffith University and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Queensland. 

His research interests encompass marine ecological modelling, system dynamics, participatory model building, Bayesian and non-parametric (e.g. GAMs) statistical methods, shellfish population modelling, ocean acidification dynamics, climate change adaptation and marine restoration. He is keenly interested in how different modelling methodologies can be integrated to address research questions across a range of disciplines. 

Dr Richards has recently expanded his modelling repertoire to include computer apps as a means of improving stakeholder engagement and elicitation. This includes developing the prototype app ‘App2Adapt’ that is being used in the EU-funded project ‘Ocean Certain’ to help with data elicitation from stakeholders.  

Dr Richards is a post-doctoral researcher involved with research in the Capturing Coral Reef & Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) project. Previously, has worked on projects in Australia and overseas (predominantly Norway), focusing on enabling climate change adaptation (SEQ-CARI project; AB Flags; App2Adapt) and fisheries management (AI Certain; Ocean-Certain).

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