Dr Carl Smith

Senior Lecturer

PhD, University of Queensland

BLandResSc (Hons I)

The University of Queensland

Carl has a background in agricultural science, specialising in land resource management, geographic information systems, remote sensing, systems modelling and decision support systems. He has a Bachelor of Land Resource Science and a PhD from the University of Queensland. For his PhD he developed an expert system for assessing land degradation risks within the sugarcane fields in North Queensland. This expert system was subsequently adopted by the Victorian Department of Natural Resources and Environment to produce land degradation risk maps for the state of Victoria.

Carl currently teaches Systems Thinking and System Dynamics at the University of Queensland. He has conducted research within Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and Australian Research Council (ARC) funded projects. These projects have applied systems thinking and modelling principles to natural resource management policy and intervention design. Carl has supervised PhD projects from various discipline areas including business, tourism, forestry, mining, catchment and water management, wildlife conservation, agriculture and invasive species management. Since 2007 he has helped to complete approximately 20 research higher degree student projects.

In 2009, Carl helped to form the Australasian Bayesian Network Modelling Society (ABNMS) and is a past president of the society (2011). He recently led a project that developed Australia’s first web-based Bayesian network modelling toolkit. Carl is now conducting research within the Capturing Coral Reef and Related Ecosystem Services project that will use systems thinking and modelling principles to understand the relationships between ecosystem services and socio-economic systems, and use this understanding to design businesses that protect or enhance the ecosystems services upon which they depend, whilst being profitable and supporting livelihoods.

Website:  www.uq.edu.au/agriculture/