Ms Aimee Gonzalez

Executive Director of PEMSEA


Executive Director of PEMSEA, Aimee Gonzales has more than 20 years of experience in managing multicultural teams in the design and implementation of marine/fisheries strategies and public policy reform to mainstream environment in regulatory, planning and investment frameworks. Prior to joining PEMSEA, Ms. Gonzales held various posts at WWF International. The most recent was as Manager of the Marine Ecosystems Goods and Services, where she worked on evidence based economics and policy analysis on marine/fisheries issues. Her previous positions include Manager for EU Fisheries and Trade, Senior Policy Adviser for Trade and Investment and Coordinator of the Expert Panel on Trade and Sustainable Development. Before migrating to Switzerland, Aimee served as Head Executive Assistant to two Cabinet Secretaries of the Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Aimee holds a Masters in Environmental Assessment and Education from the London School of Economics and a Masters in Public Policy from National University of Singapore.