Our coastal ecosystems — coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds — provide fish to eat and sell, support tourism and protect the coastline from storms. Coastal communities rely on these ecosystems for their livelihoods and food security.

Unfortunately these ecosystems are under threat from pollution, overfishing, unsustainable development and climate change.

The Capturing Coral Reef & Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) project is working to ensure the long term sustainability of these coastal ecosystems with models, tools and knowledge products to support planning. At the same time the project seeks to unlock new, sustainable income streams for the communities which rely on these ecosystems.

The project will involve local, national and regional communities, businesses and policy-makers working with scientists and other experts from a range of fields. Our multidisciplinary approach involves collaboration between leading centres of discovery, learning and engagement in North America, Australia and the East-Asia Pacific region. Pilot sites have been established in the Philippines and Indonesia.