(L to R) Alice Rogers (UQ), Nils Krueck (UQ), Pete Mumby (UQ), Mags Quibilan (UP MSI), George Roff (UQ) between field activities at El Nido.

Valuing coral reef fisheries productivity in relation to habitat

Work continues on predicting coral reef fisheries productivity and their potential to change over time as the team continues to finalise data collection and collation, compare survey methods and revisit field sites for assessment.

In May the team consisting of Alice Rogers, Peter Mumby, Miladel (Mags) Quibilan, George Roff and Nils Krueck revisited the El Nido, Philippines, field sites where they collected data from (i) additional crevice-abundance measures to improve replication for model inputs; (ii) additional fish surveys for direct comparison with a broad-scale regional dataset; (iii) new coral recruit surveys to add a time-point to long-term studies of recruitment; and (iv) turf and macroalgae measurements to assess seasonal variation and indicators of reef change and resilience.

Crevice data is currently being processed to be included in food web model developments for El Nido, whilst the fish survey data will be used in a broad-scale analysis of reef fish abundances across the region. The recruit and algal data are currently being analysed.