Dr Patrick Regoniel, Palawan State University, operating CCRES app SESAMME, Sibaltan, Philippines (photo: R Richards)

Training in CCRES tools, resources on offer

In 2018, CCRES is rolling out the innovative tools we have developed to support valuing ecosystems, analysing systems, sustaining business and promoting change.

CCRES is now inviting Expressions of Interest from coastal planners, managers, government officials and representatives of NGOs and universities to attend workshops in Makassar, Indonesia and Manila, Philippines.

“The workshops will provide intensive training in the use of the CCRES suite of tools and resources,” said CCRES Project Manager Dr Liz Izquierdo.

For training purposes several of these tools have been packaged into five themes that include marine spatial planning, systems analysis, business development, behaviour change and stakeholder engagement.

The workshops will take place 8-20 February in Makassar and 6-16 March in the Philippines.

“The CCRES team is very excited to be sharing the knowledge and tools developed through the project,” said Liz.

“We welcome Expressions of Interest to attend the workshops from people seeking to use the new tools in their important work.

Download Expression of Interest forms:

More information: Liz Izquierdo