(left) CCRES Coordinator Kubi Follosco and a Manila attendee’s answer to the question, ‘Why are you here?’ (right) El Nido Mayor Nieves Rosento. Photos: M Paterson

Tools, knowledge roadshow kicks off in the Philippines

A year-long schedule of events to showcase the innovative tools and knowledge developed by the CCRES Project kicked off at our pilot site in the Philippines, El Nido, during May.

Local environmental planners, coastal managers, tourism officers, business people and provincial regulators came to see technical products that have been developed based on research by CCRES scientists in the northern-most region of the island province of Palawan.

The products included frameworks, models and software that assist users to design marine reserves, prepare marine spatial plans, map socio-ecological systems, simulate future scenarios and analyse business value chains and develop sustainable businesses.

The Tools Forum was formally opened by El Nido Mayor Nieves Rosento. Local attendees included representatives from the El Nido Local Government Unit, Palawan Council for Sustainable Development, Palawan State University, Protected Area Management Board and Ten Knots Corporation.

The forum at El Nido was followed two days later by an event involving provincial, national and regional stakeholders at Manila where attendees included representatives from our national partners in the Philippines, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute, as well as NGOs and other World Bank projects.

The aim of the Stakeholder Showcase at Manila – like the forum at El Nido – was to share results of our research undertaken at El Nido and to discuss how and when the CCRES tools and knowledge may be used in coastal management and planning at El Nido and elsewhere in the Philippines.

The roadshow for CCRES tools and knowledge heads to Indonesia next month with events planned at Selayar  in South Sulawesi (July 27) and at Jakarta (August 1).

For more information contact Mark Paterson
Team Leader, Communications, Engagement & Outreach