CCRES Technical Steering Committee: Alasdair Edwards, Tiene Gunawan and Andy Hooten at the 2016 Stakeholder Forum in Manila, Philippines, this month. (Photo: G. Sheehan).

Tech committee meets at Manila workshop

As we approach the mid-point of our project, CCRES is seeking input from technical experts to ensure our activities and findings are fully integrated, and lead to successful outcomes.

A Technical Steering Committee has been convened to support the project with technical oversight of activities and to guide strategic direction.  The Committee will also provide advice on any emerging issues and topics of interest which could influence the project’s results and impact.  

Committee members are Professor Alasdair Edwards (University of Newcastle, UK), Dr Tiene Gunawan (Indonesia) and Anthony Hooten (AJH Environmental Services, USA).

Committee Chair Professor Edwards is an experienced research leader whose interests include recovery of coral reefs; reef restoration technologies; coral reproduction in the Indo-Pacific; and the systematics and biogeography of reef fish.  In the precursor to CCRES, the Coral Reef Targeted Research & Capacity Building for Management (CRTR) Program, he led the Reef Restoration and Remediation Working Group which produced popular resources for managers seeking to improve reef health.

A qualified zoologist with a focus on coral reef ecology, Andy Hooten provides consulting services nationally and internationally dealing with a range of terrestrial and aquatic environmental issues. He focuses predominately on coastal and marine resources management, with a special emphasis on bridging science with management objectives, and addressing information and knowledge management related to the sustainable development of coastal and marine environments. Andy was a co-developer of the CRTR project.

Dr Gunawan is planner in marine resource policy and management. She has significant experience working with NGOs including Conservation International Indonesia, The Nature Conservancy and Wetlands international, and was Chief of Party for the Indonesia Marine and Climate Support (IMACS) Project.  She currently works for Millennium Challenge Account – Indonesia as the Director of Green Prosperity Project.

The Committee met for the first time in Manila in February, attending the Annual Planning Workshop and Stakeholder Forum.

“CCRES has an ambitious program,” said Professor Edwards.

“Coming fresh to the project since my involvement in the preparation in late 2012 and early 2013, I was impressed by the great progress made in the first full year of work of CCRES by both the science and discovery and the systems and business teams.

The Committee was pleased to see evidence of strong stakeholder interest in CCRES through their attendance and input at the Forum.  This must be consolidated to deliver maximum benefits.

“It was great to see how the stakeholders engaged with some of the tools being developed by the project,” said Professor Edwards.

“How we develop deeper links with a few stakeholders who can act as champions and advocates for a selection of the tools and work with CCRES to finalise them for target users is an issue we need to consider,” said Professor Edwards.  

The Tech Committee is looking forward to supporting the CCRES team to achieve its goals.

“I feel that the role of the Committee is to stand back from the nitty-gritty of the project and try to keep the bigger picture in mind,” said Professor Edwards.

“We can also gently push for active collaboration when any exciting opportunities arise for joint activities and uptake of the research by stakeholders and related projects such as PRDP, COREMAP-CTI and WAVES.

“By flagging opportunities early, nudging people and keeping the dialogue alive we can hopefully enhance the uptake and application of the research and engagement with stakeholders and the ultimate impact of the project as a whole.”

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