Culture and ceremony were features of the CCRES welcome to Selayar. (Picture: P. Bradley)

Selayar welcomes CCRES with open arms

The island of Selayar, our pilot site in Indonesia, has officially welcomed CCRES to the archipelago in South Sulawesi, situated between the Java and Banda seas.

The welcome comprised a greeting from DINAS Fisheries chief Pak Marjani, police chief Pak Hidayat and the wider community, and an official launch by Selayar’s Vice Bupati, H. Saiful Arif

The photographic exhibition, Capture the beauty islands, was unveiled as part of the official welcome. If you understand Bahasa Indonesia, read more here 

During the visit to Selayar CCRES partners attended consultative meetings with local fishermen, farmers, business cooperatives, religious leaders, school teachers, media and government officials.

The Selayar visit followed a gathering of 50 scientists and coastal planners from Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States and Australia for the 2015 CCRES Annual Workshop in the South Sulawesi capital, Makassar

Indonesian officials - representing national, provincial and district levels of government - included representatives from the Ministry for Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) and COREMAP-CTI. They were joined by leading scientists from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and the University of Hasanuddin.

Guest Indonesian presenters included Dr Subandono Diposaptono, Director of Spatial Planning for Ocean, Coast and Small Islands (MMAF); Dr Zainal Arifin, Director, Research Centre for Oceanography, LIPI, and Professor Jamal Jompa, University of Hasanuddin, Makassar.

Also attending were representatives of project partners the University of the Philippines (Philippines), The University of Queensland and Currie Communications (Australia) and Cornell University (United States).

Culture and ceremony were features of the CCRES welcome in Selayar.
(Pictures: P. Bradley, M. Milstein)