Photo: Gabrielle Sheehan

Researchers, stakeholders get tools on track

What makes a management tool valuable?  How do we get people interested in it?  How do we ensure long-term benefits and use beyond the life of a project?

These are critical questions for CCRES and ones which we have focussed on since the very beginning of project design. Turning our research findings into outputs that are accessible and useful for our audiences is central to our work.

As we move towards the mid-way point of the project, we stopped to reflect on progress to date - firstly at our February stakeholders’ forum in Manila, and more recently during our annual Advisory Board and Technical Steering Committee meeting in Jakarta in May.  

It was pleasing to note that our activities are on-track and delivering early outputs which are already undergoing testing with end-users. This effort will increase substantially this year as we continue to rollout our stakeholder strategy. The strategy aims to ensure end-users are aware of these outputs and able to provide critical, timely input into their design and development which will help maximise accessibility and uptake.  

We have also begun soliciting feedback from a wide range of stakeholders on early outputs and deliverables, with some great results. Their valuable insights will be linked back into tool design.

The commitment of the CCRES team to delivering solid outputs for end-users not only within the Philippines and Indonesia but regionally, was highlighted during the Advisory Board and Technical Steering Committee meeting.  As the work and deliverables are shaping up, connections across the region through partnerships with other projects and organisations are strengthening with further opportunities being identified - there is now strong interest in incorporating CCRES tools into areas beyond our scope.  

All this is very encouraging. Through the enormous efforts of our team, we are now well positioned to meet our targets and ensure uptake of the work.  Key to this will be our continued focus on ensuring research outputs are accessible, useable and transferable – we can only do this with the assistance of our many stakeholders who are taking the time to work with us to make this happen.

We encourage you to visit our website and become involved in the tool testing and development.

Melanie King
Senior Advisor