Fish school over a healthy reef (P Mumby)

Providing advice for policymakers, planners

CCRES has released three policy briefs to assist policy makers and planners in different aspects of coastal management, as part of the Rebuilding reef fisheries with Marine Protected Areas (MPA) toolbox. 

1. Healthy fisheries through marine reserves

This policy brief provides guidelines on how to deliver a more reliable food supply to fishing communities in Indonesia and the Philippines through marine reserves that rebuild and maintain healthy fisheries. This information is useful when designing and implement MPAs specifically when there is little information about the status of fish populations and fisheries.

More information: Dr Nils Kruek

2. Priority reefs for conservation and fisheries replenishment

This policy brief outlines how the long-term health of marine fisheries can be supported by quickly and easily determining which reefs could be used for general fishing and which ones are best reserved for biodiversity and fisheries replenishment.

More information: Dr Alice Rogers or Prof Peter Mumby

3. Reduced pathogenic bacteria through seagrass protection

CCRES research has shown that policy makers and leaders can reduce bacteria that are pathogenic to humans and marine life by up to 50 per cent by protecting seagrasses. This policy brief explains the evidence.

More information: Dr Joleah Lamb