New tools, resources set for major rollout

A new plan for the rollout of innovative tools and resources for coastal planners and managers was prepared when more than 30 CCRES team members met in Bali during February.

The plan guides the testing and validation, packaging and engagement, and promotion and uptake of our outputs during the remaining 18 months of the project (CCRES ends August 2018).

These tools include a guide for designing marine spatial plans and marine protected areas, a systems model for simulating future scenarios, a process for developing coastal eco-business and a tool for diagnosing the capacity of a community to strengthen coastal management.

Upcoming events we’re calling ‘stakeholder showcases’ are an important activity in the rollout of the project’s tools and resources. The first showcases are planned for the Philippines in May and Indonesia in July.   

At the showcases, we will meet with key partners and stakeholders to give them a preview of tools and resources under development. Their input will be invaluable in validating and finalising the tools to ensure they are applicable, accessible, useable and transferable.

Participants will also be able to see where they might be able to use the tools in their own work and organisations.

For a full list of our tools click here

Melanie King
Project Director