CCRES chief scientist Peter Mumby gives an ‘ocean talk’ at the Our Ocean Conference 2018., Bali, Indonesia, during October 2018 (Photo: L. Izquierdo).

Networking strengthens coastal management

Speed-dating, a doctor’s clinic and an ocean talk were three ways CCRES promoted its tools at regional and global oceans and water conferences during October and November 2018.

The activities showed delegates how the CCRES tools can be used individually or together to build system-wide solutions for strengthening oceans and water management worldwide.

PEMSEA East Asian Seas Congress - Philippines

At the Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia (PEMSEA) Congress 2018 at Iloilo City in November, 24 delegates joined our partnership hub, ‘Speed-dating with technical tools for strengthening coastal management’.

The #EASCongress2018 session used a speed-dating format to promote use of the tools for marine planning, mapping and modelling systems, developing sustainable enterprises and promoting positive behaviours.

The ‘dating’ was supervised by CCRES team members Carlie Dario and Dr Vera Horigue, Marine Science Institute at the University of the Philippines Diliman; Benjamin Adriano Jr, Palawan Council of Sustainable Development; Gianina Decano and Eva Marie Ponce de Leon, Palawan State University; Assoc Prof Damian Hine and Erik Simmons, The University of Queensland; and Dr Dedi Adhuri, Indonesian Institute of Sciences.

Under a new partnership in knowledge management between PEMSEA and CCRES, Makoto Harunari, Technical Session Chair of the EAS Partnership Council, and Dr Liz Izquierdo, Project Manager, CCRES, launched the tools on the SEA Knowledge Bank.

Gianina Decano, Palawan State University, facilitates a speed-date on business tools at the East Asian Seas Congress 2018 at Iloilo City, Philippines, in October 2018 (Photo: M. Paterson).

G sustainable behaviours through promoting benefits, removing barriers.

EF IWC9 - Morocco

At the Global Environment Facility’s 9th International Waters Conference at Marrakech, Morocco, CCRES got to play ‘doctor’ as part of a carousel clinic. Almost 10% of the event’s 320 delegates attended the CCRES clinic as ‘patients’ with water ecosystem ‘problems’.

The patients represented GEF-IW marine, coastal and fresh water projects in the Caribbean, East Asian Seas, Africa and Europe and their ‘ailments’ covered:

  • Analysing systems, pressures and resources, and modelling impacts.
  • Developing businesses that work in harmony with coastal ecosystems.
  • Encouraging government and community collaboration to strengthen governance.
  • Planning for healthy reefs and sustainable fisheries through more effective MPAs.

FosteringCCRES team leaders Damian Hine (Business Development), and Mark Paterson, Currie Communications (Behaviour Change), used the tools to prescribe ‘treatments’.

For a ‘holistic’ remedy Damian recommended the use of the tools to build system-wide solutions for strengthening the management of large, transboundary coastal, marine and freshwater ecosystems as part of the formulation and implementation of Strategic Action Programmes.

Seventy-six per cent of participants agreed the clinic increased their understanding of their pre-identified challenge and their subsequent capacity to implement appropriate tools and solutions.

CCRES team leader Damian Hine pitches the CCRES clinic at the GEF International Waters Conference at Marrakech, Morocco, during November 2018 (Photo: GEF IW:Learn).

Our Oceans Conference 2018 – Indonesia

At the Our Ocean Conference 2018, hosted by the Indonesian Ministry for Marine Affairs and Fisheries at Bali during October 2018, CCRES researchers Prof Peter Mumby and Dr Anna Phelan gave an ‘ocean talk’ on how the CCRES tools are being used to support local planning and management decisions that keep ecosystems healthy and sustain the services they provide coastal communities.

CCRES chief scientist Peter Mumby gives an ‘ocean talk’ at the Our Ocean Conference 2018., Bali, Indonesia, during October 2018 (Photo: L. Izquierdo).

At all of these events CCRES hosted an exhibition booth where promotional materials, including toolkit guides, site reports, highlights reports and videos about the tools were displayed.

The number of attendees at the partnership hub, carousel clinic and ocean talk brings the total number of participants at CCRES events (workshops, training courses, stakeholder forums, focus groups, closing visits and conference side-events) to almost 3,000 since the project began.