CCRES kicks off 2018 with training for tools

Getting down to business in the El Nido Eco-Biz Challenge workshop (photo L Izquierdo)

It is the end of 2017 and after developing, testing, validating and packaging CCRES inputs, we are ready to deliver the training on innovative tools and resources for valuing ecosystems, sustaining business and promoting change in the East Asia-Pacific.

In early 2018, we are offering a series of workshops to train coastal planners, managers, government officials and representatives of NGOs and universities in the use of the tools in Indonesia (February) and the Philippines (March).

In addition to the workshops, CCRES will conduct in-depth training to create champions who will become the next generation of experts in CCRES tools in Indonesia and the Philippines. We will also be promoting the tools in a range of different ways to encourage wider uptake across the region.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our collaborators for their contribution in 2017 and wish you the best for 2018.

Liz Izquierdo