Meet the team: Zul Janwar, spatial planner

When Pak Zul Janwar isn’t hanging off the back of a manta tow surveying coral reefs, he enjoys diving and travelling, eating fried chicken with chili sauce and the musical stylings of 1980s rock group Van Halen.

His favourite quote captures the approach he applies to his work in coastal ecosystems management:

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude to the problem.”

Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

The work Pak Zul does with the Capturing Coral Reef & Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) project seeks to balance management of coral reef health with the business goals of coastal communities.

He first began working with CCRES during August 2014.

“I work with CCRES to provide assistance to local government by developing marine spatial plans. These plans combine analysis of the biophysical conditions (coral reefs) with the commercial activities of the community,” he says.

“The aim is to produce a plan that can be implemented by the Selayar Government to reduce pressure on coral reefs and also protect the incomes of local people, now and into the future.”

Pak Zul Janwar is a firm believer in decision-making guided by scientific principles.

“Marine spatial planning should be supported by accurate data. CCRES is unique in its approach to spatial and business planning and it has helped me to further my understanding of data collection and analysis.”

Pak Zul tested his new-found understanding by participating as part of the Component I team in a series of dives at Selayar, Indonesia, to assess the condition of the coral reefs in a broad-scale survey.

“We used a combination of diving, snorkelling and manta tows to observe the reef and the bottom substrate in several locations,” he says.

In case you are wondering, a manta tow involves a researcher (with a snorkel) being pulled behind a motor boat whilst gripping a board and writing down assessments based on their observations. It’s considered a low-cost and effective way for researchers to survey large areas.

Pak Zul has successfully completed a Masters degree in the management of coastal and marine resources through Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and Bremen University. He is now in charge of managing local Marine Conversation Areas, Marine Resources and Fisheries Surveillance for DINAS Marine and Fisheries Agency, Selayar.

And in case you’re wondering, again, his favourite Van Halen song is “I can’t stop loving you”.

For more details, contact;

Zul Janwar
Marine and Fisheries Agency
Selayar District - South Sulawesi
CP: 081352559080
WA: 082197229987
[email protected]