Meet the team: Sophie Clayton

As a trail runner who loves natural environments, Currie’s Sophie Clayton is very well placed to support CCRES as we head for the finish line. Part of the communications, engagement and outreach team, Sophie is supporting CCRES researchers to package their tools, as well as working on various overarching communications and engagement activities.

She graduated with a Science degree and started her professional life as a technician with Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO. Now she is a communications professional specialising in agricultural, natural resource and science communication. She has broad experience across Australia and Asia in strategic communications and planning, issues management, partnerships and collaboration, team building and management, social media engagement, website development, media and public relations, publishing, writing and video production.

As well as her work at Currie – the project’s official communications partner – Sophie is currently undertaking postgrad studies at Monash University, focusing on behaviour change in sustainability and environmental management. She is passionate about evidence-based insights and applying those to help natural resource managers.

“Science has such a tremendous capacity to improve the world,” Sophie said.

“Through the CCRES project, I can play a small part in encouraging positive change through good communications.”

Sophie saw first-hand the challenges faced by coastal communities in the Philippines when she spent five years working in Los Baños, the Philippines, with the International Rice Research Institute. She travelled around the country whenever she could to pursue her interest in scuba diving, and has explored some of the Philippines’ coral reefs, including at Coron near our pilot site El Nido.  

“Healthy coastal ecosystems are so critical to the wellbeing of these communities, and it’s vital to involve them in the solutions. I very much appreciate the co-design, co-development approach that CCRES has taken.”

And finally – how is her Tagalog?

“OK naman.”

For more information, contact Sophie Clayton