Meet the team: Lisda Haryani, Hasanuddin University, Indonesia

Lisda Haryani

Lisda Haryani doesn’t allow fear to prevent her from doing the things she wants to do.

“Sometimes we just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens,” Lisda reminded herself before stepping off the boat and plunging into the ocean – despite the fact that she does not know how to swim.  

Lisda studies coral reefs or perhaps more accurately, the people and communities who benefit from coral reefs. She began her work with CCRES as a Masters student under the supervision of Professors Jamaluddin Jompa (Hasanuddin University) and Peter Mumby (The University of Queensland) in under Component 1 – valuation of ecosystem services.

“I am identifying opportunities for local fishers to shift from coral reef fishing to pelagic [open sea] fishing,” she said.

The research involves interviewing fishers in Selayar to map out the quantities of fish they are catching and the methods that they use.

Her preliminary results indicate that fishers are experiencing a significant reduction in overall catches, and that destructive fishing methods (including explosives and cyanide) employed by rogue fishers are risking the livelihoods of local people.

“If villagers can make the transition to pelagic fishing, it will help to improve their livelihoods and the economy of Selayar, and give coral reefs a chance to recover.”

Lisda says that working with CCRES has given her access to expert knowledge and discussions which have inspired her research.

“All the CCRES team are really willing to help, and provide advice for any obstacles that I face. My supervisors Prof. Peter and Prof. Jamal have provided a lot of support and encouragement. I’m grateful for their experience and advice.”

Lisda feels proud to be a part of CCRES, and hopes her work will one day lead to a better outcome for the people of Selayar.

In her spare time, she loves to visit local historical places and cook traditional foods, such as ‘kapurung’- a Paloponese dish made with sago, vegetables and fish.  She is also a music lover and listening to a song each morning is one of the top three things she does every day.         

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