CCRES Philippines Country Coordinator, Kubi Follosco at Selayar, Indonesia. Photo: P. Bradley.

Meet the team: Kubi Follosco, country coordinator

For Kubi Follosco, making a difference in people’s lives has been a recurring theme.

This is true whether it is in local communities through her role at the Coral Reef & Related Ecosystem Services (CCRES) project or even before as a teacher and a trainer.

“I am very proud when I see my students and trainees apply the knowledge I helped them learn. Some have even gone on to teach and share the knowledge themselves.”

She recently read something that resonates with her vision for coastal ecosystems.

“The boundaries of nature [are] far more important than the boundaries of nations.”

The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Kubi says she has learnt a lot about her self - professionally and personally - since she began working with the CCRES project. ‘This is the first time I’ve taken on such a large responsibility for a project. It has been challenging, and fulfilling, in turns,” she says.

Since stepping in as country coordinator for the Philippines, she has been involved in a lot of cross-disciplinary project coordination and management in the Philippines. Like a conductor, she harmonizes activities and approaches, connecting people and providing advice.

“CCRES has the potential to make a difference in local communities in the Philippines and the rest of the region, where coastal ecosystems are essential to life and livelihood but are also severely threatened,” she says.

“I am especially interested in how the tools being developed will assist stakeholders in making decisions about prevailing issues (like resolving conflicts in multiple-use areas), at scales that can yield the greatest and/ or maximum impact.”

Again, Kubi is all about working with people to make an impact.

“Working with CCRES has put me in touch with a roster of scientists and researchers with different interests, backgrounds and specializations, not to mention personalities. In the last two years, I have learned from and shared rich experiences with the different team members.”

In her position, based at the University of Philippines Marine Research Institute, Diliman campus, Manila, Kubi takes point in representing the project externally at meetings and similar gatherings with local partners and other stakeholders.

She might travel around a lot. However, as a book lover, she said “unlike a lot of people, I like waiting in airports because I get to read”. She called herself “a fantasy and science fiction junkie” and thinks there is a lot of overlooked wisdom in fantasy novels.

Her favourite book? Dune by Frank Herbert.