Meet the team: Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim

Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim. Photo: G Sheehan

Like most of the CCRES team, human ecologist Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), prefers field work to office work.

Over the coming months, he is set to be involved in observing behaviour in the villages of Selayar as part of the Component 3 project on adaptive coastal management. Pak Ali will focus on how changes are made in the villages with respect to things like illegal fishing, sustainable behaviour and the environment. Female assistants will also be involved to get the women’s perspective.

Outputs from the project will be a ‘toolkit’ explaining how communities and governments in other places can work (framework and processes); and a set of strategies that communities can use. It will also deliver examples of how particular individuals, or communities, have worked to make important changes such as stopping destructive fishing, managing community-declared protected areas, and fishing rules.

“I feel very happy and lucky to be a part of CCRES,” said Ali.

“Because the research and methodology are interdisciplinary, the processes and analysis we use will lead to more complete information. The analysis can link findings from the different teams and this will lead to better results.”

To date, Pak Ali’s research has focused on population and environment, population and disaster, social resilience, social-ecological systems, natural resource management, and political ecology. He is now looking forward to learning from CCRES’s international team, and sharing those learnings with his colleagues at LIPI.

Originally from West Java, Ali identifies strongly with the ethos of the Baduy - a Sundanese community who places nature at the centre of everything.

“We can’t arbitrarily exploit the natural environment resources, and should give service to nature through conservation and managing it well to achieve real prosperity and realizing sustainable livelihoods,” says Pak Ali.

Sounds like a good fit with CCRES.

For more information contact Ali Yansyah Abdurrahim