Indonesian trainees share experiences

CCRES has captured on video the experiences of participants of the successful tools training workshops in Makassar, Indonesia, that were run earlier this year.

The videos introduce each CCRES tool and its purpose – as explained by CCRES researchers – and explore the experiences of Indonesian trainees who attended the workshops. They also give voice to the opinions of potential end-users of the CCRES tools and an opportunity for them to share how they hope to use the tools in their own fields of work. 

Speaking about SYSTORY, Ignatia Dyahapsari, WWF Indonesia, said that the app can help her see how current coastal activities may affect the future.

“I think one of the crucial problems in the community that SYSTORY can help to solve is the general difficulty for most of us to imagine what would happen in the future, based on our current activity,” said Ignatia.

“What is also interesting is how it provides a scenario feature so that we can easily paint a picture about what will happen in a system when we alter some inputs now.”

She added that she likes that it can be used by anyone, even those without technical knowledge.

Naufal Sanca Lovandika, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Indonesia, said that before knowing about the CCRES tool Reef React, he had no particular method of analysing reef conditions in conservation areas.

“Reef React is an important tool,” said Naufal.

“Considering the challenges we face to conserve our coral reefs, we really need a tool like Reef React to support our efforts to manage and improve our coral reefs.”

The videos are available on the CCRES YouTube channel and cover every CCRES tool that was included in the Makassar workshops.

For more information, contact Sophie Clayton