The communities of Selayar want the best for their children - better education, better health, better quality of life - and they’re motivated to work with CCRES to secure it. (Picture: J. Pickering)

Engaging parents to promote behaviour change

Educating people about the benefits of the science behind sustainability has often failed to promote changes in the way coastal communities interact with their environment.

So CCRES is taking a new and holistic approach to tackle the complex problem of empowering coastal communities to undertake sustainable fishing and protect coral reefs.

This innovative approach is centred on Triple P – the Positive Parenting Program at The University of Queensland (UQ) - which has helped millions of families across the world.

Researchers from across behavioural sciences, engineering, business, and marine environmental management faculties at UQ are investigating whether the behavioural principles of Triple P can be adapted and integrated as part of the solution to sustain coastal ecosystems in the East Asia-Pacific region.

Established by Professor Matt Sanders as part of his PhD in 1980, Triple P has reached more than four million families across 25 countries.  It is based on the concept that fostering stable foundations through positive behavioural change within the family can boost the happiness and health of wider communities.

Triple P is a model of intervention that is becoming recognised by policy-makers, philanthropists and educators as a significant strategic priority for societies worldwide.

John Pickering, Head of Innovation and Engagement, from Professor Sanders’ group, will lead this collaborative research for CCRES. The collaboration is built on the belief that the solution to complex problems can only emerge from a multi-disciplinary effort.

The idea of bringing together parenting experts, behavioural scientists, chemical and civil engineers, marine biologists, agricultural scientists, economists and innovation technology experts might be unfamiliar, but it also might be the very key to unlocking solutions.

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