Project Director Melanie King enjoying a refreshing coconut at El Nido, Palawan, in the Philippines

Challenges, experiences, excitement

Welcome, everyone, to the first edition of the CCRES newsletter.

This quarterly e–news will keep you updated on the experiences, challenges and excitement as CCRES works in the Philippines and Indonesia during the next five years (2014-2018).

After months of planning and obtaining approvals, we have just held our inception workshop in beautiful El Nido, Palawan, in the Philippines – exploring the issues, meeting with partners and stakeholders and generally planning out our schedule of activities and research.  The Philippines is a wonderful country to kick-start the project and we have been warmly welcomed.  

Whilst in the Philippines I was privileged to be a participant in two regional workshops - the 2nd GEF IW Regional Workshop for Asia and the Pacific on ‘Transforming Good Practices from Demonstration Projects into Scaled-Up Investments and Financing in IWRM and ICM” and the PEMSEA Inception workshop for the “Applying knowledge management to scale up partnership investments for sustainable development of large marine ecosystems of East Asia and their coasts”.  

The focus was on replication and scaling up of results from projects through the development of knowledge management platforms.  Whilst the CCRES Project has pilot sites in Indonesia and the Philippines, its whole premise is about creating tools, models and information which can be utilised across the East Asia-Pacific region and even globally in environments with similar conditions.  Thus, the ability to ensure the replication or scaling up of project outputs is core to our mandate.

We believe that a key component to achieving this will be in the partnerships and relationships we develop with governments, business and communities across the global, regional and national spheres - and with like-minded projects and organisations, such as IW Learn and PEMSEA, which focus on building the knowledge management platforms on which we can share insights.

As we commence the full implementation of CCRES, we will work with our partners, collaborators and stakeholders to ensure the tools, models and information generated have involved the stakeholders as end-users in the process to ensure it is demand-driven and therefore, coming that one step closer to replication and scaling up across geographical zones.  

Once again, welcome to the CCRES newsletter. We look forward to sharing with you.

Melanie King
Project Director