Analysing viable business opportunities for el nido

Limestone cliffs are home to balinsasayaw (swiflets) nests, a major income source in El Nido. (Photo: A Hooten)

The business team is continuing to finalise their analysis of the hospitality, value added, agriculture and fisheries sectors ready for work to commence on the development of new business opportunities. Interviews have been conducted among tourist and hospitality operators, farmers, fisherfolk and traders in several areas in El Nido, Philippines.

Outputs from the field visits include an improved understanding of industry trends and behaviours over time; business operating procedures and processes for the various industries; supply chain and regulatory challenges; an understanding of the interface between the marine ecosystem, social, business and economic factors; understanding the complexities and dynamics of the industries; operating challenges and constraints; technology uptake; and potential opportunities.

The latest report to be completed is that of the value-adding sector encompassing some downstream basic processing of agricultural products (e.g. processed nuts, copra and milled rice), fish (dried products) as well as extractive industries products (sand and gravel, nipa, bamboo and industrial timbers, buri bags, birds’ nests) and other small ventures.

Reports for all sectors are currently being finalised and work will commence on the next steps of the activity over the next months.